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Eat. Sleep. SciO. That's essentially my life right now. Aside from that, I code, design and develop all sorts of Cross-Platform Apps. Check out my blog for more detail.

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Who am I? What Do I Do? Take a look below.


In the seemingly chthonic of a place 'Highschool' can be..sometimes you just want to scream about to world about the average things which concern you. The sole purpose of this blog is to serve is a corner for my ludicrous day to day rants. With topics ranging from Trump, to my average life. I'll be doing some writing about whatever is on my mind.


I've been actively programming or 3 years now, have worked with a number of languages, frameworks, and platforms. I've encompasse a number of both desktop and mobile applications over this peroid of time which can be found here .


The this the largest aspect of my life, and what I'll probably be writing the most about. As currently, a 9th Grader in Paul J. Gelinas Junior Highschool, I have a tremendous amount of things happening around me consisting of everything from Science Olympiad Tournaments to the recent stress with comes with A.P classes.

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Here are all the little snippets and projects I've worked on over the years. Some are in the works, and others already out there.

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